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Allecr Healthcare primary products <a href="">Male Enhancement Pills</a> like Sildamax 100mg(<a href="">Sildenafil citrate</a>), Satismax 50mg, Intimax gold, Intimax Jelly  and  Satismax 120mg. satismax 120mg we are about to launch in couple of months  to export all over the world. Satismax is the sales partner of allecra healthcare we  mostly provide franchise to medical stores, Bulk orders & D2D shipping. 

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Satismax acts rapidly and will by and large achieve its greatest impact between thirty minutes and two hours in the wake of being regulated, in spite of the fact that the standard is following 60 minutes. Contingent upon the person's response to Satismax and its adequacy in treating erectile brokenness, when counseled, specialists may exhort that the dose be expanded by 25mg every day until the point when it is powerful in treating ED or the greatest suggested measurements of 100mg every day is come to.


How protected is Satismax ?


Numerous individuals who take Satismax encounter no unfavorable impacts, yet in clinical preliminaries the most widely recognized reactions detailed were; migraines, flushing, nasal clog anddyspepsia (acid reflux).


Various clients detailed some debilitated vision, for example, loss of fringe vision, blue tinting and light affectability (photophobia). In the event that the normal reactions are felt cerebral pains can be treated with appropriate agony executioners and the other basic unfavorable impacts should go inside four hours, on the off chance that they don't then patients should look for restorative guidance.


In a few patients more genuine unfavorable impacts have been accounted for that incorporate sudden hearing misfortune, heart assault and stroke and priapism which is the place the erect penis does not come back to its limp state and can be an intense and agonizing condition. On the off chance that any of the more genuine impacts happen, patients should suspend their utilization of Satismax and look for prompt therapeutic consideration.


Does Satismax Work ?


Satismax can last from around 2 to 4 hours with only one tablet anyway a few clients have encountered results for over 6 hours and greater part concur that satismax is as successful simply like the first Viagra® at the division of its cost.


The most effective method to Take Satismax ?


Take Satismax around 30 minutes before any sexual action and make sure to take with a glass of still water and not on an unfilled stomach. The dynamic element for Satismax is known as; Sildenafil Citrate, which is suggested for ED.

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